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TAG Heuer watches should be tested for water resistance annually and have routine maintenance every two years. Here's a video that shows my experience sending my TAG Heuer Formula 1 watch to TAG for maintenance and service (https://www.tagheuer.com/us/en/service/customer-service-repair.html).

I had the $185 routine maintenance done, which includes a full cleaning, replacement of the watch battery and all gaskets as well as thorough testing. The process was very easy to initiate, pay for and track online and took about 30 days, from sending in the watch, getting a diagnosis, doing the repair work and then shipping it back to me. Aside from the maintenance, my watch needed a new crown and a few minor parts, bringing the total charge to $232.

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Banter Man : I've sold and serviced a few dozen of these, and just for the record, any competent watch repair shop will change the battery and test the water resistance for under $75 (and change gaskets as necessary for an additional $10-$15. The gaskets need to be replaced every 5-6 years, as a rule. And service history adds around $100 to resale. I would never consider sending a quartz watch back to Tag for service, to be completely honest. Nice watch though!
Cristopher Mamawan : I had my 11 yr old aquaracer overhauled and got it this month after 3 weeks of servicing. Definitely happy coz the watch looks bnew again. All those bezel and bracelet scratches were removed and polished and gave me that same hard case. Totally worth it.
Nicholas Totoro : I'll say one thing about Tag Heuer: they honor the warranty on their work without question.

Sent my 2007/8 Kirium into them for regular maintenance back in 2012 or 2013 because batteries were lasting 2-3 weeks tops. They replaced the battery and gaskets for their normal cost and sent it back to me. Battery died less than a week later, so I sent it back. They re-did all the work and this time the battery was dead before it even made it to my house. They discovered the culprit was the second-hand movement dragging, so they rebuilt and replaced the gaskets and battery (for a third) time for only the cost of the initial service.
28jokes : I just paid around 200usd for a complete overhaul, including new battery, gasket change, cleaning and waterproofing.
Paul friedman : Not so easy with Pateks
Must be sent through new York or Geneva
Can take a year or so due to such “ high standards “
They and IWC are fantastic , but I could die of old age waiting for them to finish

Lucky you and Tag

[와치빌런-47]해외 양덕들은 태그호이어를 어떻게 평가할까?

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Are Tag Heuer worth the money ?
What is your opinion on Tag Heuer watches?
What do you think of TAG Heuer in terms of quality vs value?
LyH : 오..이 분 진짜 정보 제공하려고 엄청 알아보신다..찐이네..태그는 까레라 1종있지만..좋아하는 사람으로서
구독 누르고 갑니다~~
Bluenote : 태그가 좀 더 높은급으로 올라가기 위해선 부품이나 퀄을 더 높이긴 해야할듯. 무브는 거의 무수정으로 알고있고 솔리드백 모델은 데코조차 하나도 없다가 최근에야 페를라쥬 좀 들어간거로 알고있습니다. 그래도 저도 아콰 편하고 오래 잘 차고있고 특히 브슬퀄은 상당히 마음에 들었습니다 ㅎㅎ
STUDIO RA : 뉴 링크 외관, 특히 브레이슬릿은 정말 일품이죠.. 모나코, 카레라, 링크 이 셋은 정말.. 모든 시계 통틀어서 한번쯤은 경험해도 좋을 훌륭한 라인업이라 생각합니다.
이선용 : 디자인은 복각인데 무브먼트는 옛날 호이어(레오니다스) 시절의 수준을 복원하지 못했네요 결국 에타수정(2894)이라니.. 오메가 스피드마스터 저가라인과 다름이 없는 복각이라는게 참 아쉽습니다
브라이틀링 2892수정, 오메가2892수정(스피드마스터캘리버,크로노)..등등등 2892라는 얇은 무브에 크로노모듈을 상판에 얹는 구조다보니 잘터지기로 유명합니다 벨쥬기반의 수동 크로노기계로 복각을 했다면 옛날명성을 찾을수 있었을텐데 아쉬운부분입니다.
JAY JAY : 태그는 포뮬러도 이뻐요 그냥 안예쁜 라인이 없는 것 같아욬ㅋ 디자인은 정말 손꼽는 브랜드라고 인정할 수밖에 없어요ㅎㅎ

Tag Heuer Aquaracer ETA 7750 Automatic Chronograph Service Part 1of 3

Pie : Have had the Carrera ETA7750 16 Calibre for almost 20 years. Great watch but unforgiving and costly if ever dropped. Spent a lot over the years getting fixed. Very happy today. Quoted few hundred dollars to fix. Bought a watch repair kit for under ten dollars played around with mechanism for a few minutes and fixed watch myself.
Roozy J. Saviss : Excellent video. Do you know if mine takes the same battery? I have a Tag Aquaracer Quartz Chrono (CAN1010BA0821).
Den lty : спасибо! добрый человек))))
S M : I own one of these watches, and it's wonderful and interesting to see this video. However it's unwatchable with the sound on, what on earth are you thinking putting that music with this video!?
vinod jain : Great




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