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Printer HP K109a อาการนี้เป็นอะไร

dinh dai vuong : help fix it, plz
Antonio Reario : THE SAME HAPPENED TO ME. How can this be fixed?

HP Deskjet Ink Advant K209a-z Printer Software Installation

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tame talo : hey i m not getting the option for installation option but only exit, can you help me ???
Jorge Barinas : Buenas Tardes. Necesito instalar esta impresora, pero mi portatil que es un HP MINI no cuenta con la unidad de CD. que puedo hacer para instalar la impresora?
Foxingaming : When I'm challenges engages them to the printer plugged it but she does not see it but I can print but the program does not see the printer anyway.

Kuba Kuba : zaje**fajne

Amit Bhawani (PhoneRadar) : Try to reset the same or contact the service center if its hanging regularly.
258011venansia : my printer is not responding at all, the power button is on but it's not responding.
my computer said the printer is disconnected. can you help me please?

HP 데스크젯 잉크 어드밴티지(DeskJet Ink Advantage) K209a 복합기

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Sachin Kumar : Sir isme jo road he jiske uper pahiye lage he wo nahi ghum rahe he




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